The Death Of Brand Management

By becoming little more than an artist's desperate search for attention, brand management has degenerated from aspiring to the best meaning of a 'brand' (the combination of their reputation, image, slogan, and symbol) to its worst, "an identifying mark burned on livestock, criminals or slaves with a branding iron." This sounds harsh but its more accurate than not - as artists become more like things than persons.  What is needed today is less brand and more 'profile' (an outline of something, especially a person's face) based upon an artist's physical presence as a person rooted within a community.  Hip-Hoppreneur services focus on what humanizes and institutionalizes an individual's values and aspirations by helping artists establish meaningful relationships with power centers and institutions that impact people in their everyday experience.

Broadening Profit

Many advisors to artists have the music industry as the primary focus for their clients. However, The Hip-Hoppreneur taps into something different: Unlocking the full earning potential of an artist-turned-leader. From the lens of high finance and politics we show our clients how to identify and walk through the doors that are open to them, once they become more of a person and less of a thing, in the mind of both the masses and classes.