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The 9 Personality Types In Business™

The 3-Pg Business Plan™  

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Small businesses are the engine of the economy. But they struggle to survive, thrive and grow. Of the 30.7 million small businesses in America, 81% of them have no employees. This essentially means that most entrepreneurs when starting a business end up only creating a job, for themselves. And just as many businesses go out of business as survive, with 400,000 small businesses closing for every 433,000 being started.

In working with entrepreneurs in every sector imaginable, for over a decade, The Hip-Hoppreneur has identified why so many entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle creatively, emotionally, and financially. Hip-Hoppreneur uniquely shows entrepreneurs how to apply lessons from the most successful careers, plans, moves and models from the music industry to improve the reach, revenue and profitability of their small business, regardless to the product or service they offer.

In addition to providing the same four services it offers artists, Hip-Hoppreneur provides these unique services to small business owners

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