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You Make Music. We Make Leaders.

We enjoy your music but only care about how your art supports your development, as a leader and entrepreneur.

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About Us

Headed by a former talent manager and political campaign strategist, our CEO Cedric Muhammad now advises entrepreneurs, investors and business owners. Through The Hip-Hoppreneur we apply his perspective, insight and foresight regarding where the music industry has come from, where it is headed and most importantly, what non-artistic forces are influencing it.  By honing his skills in areas beyond the music industry – finance, politics and technology – 20 years after serving as general manager to the Wu-Tang Clan, he and we at The Hip-Hoppreneur understand that a fleeting celebrity brand is the weakest form of influence an artist has.  By focusing on the person and the community from which they come, we help artists travel places their creative works can't – defining their success and impact in more meaningful and sustainable ways.